RecentBufferSwitcher for jEdit


RecentBufferSwitcher is a plugin for the jEdit text editor, which allows fast changing of a buffer to the most recently viewed buffer.

It emulates the Alt+Tab behaviour found in Gnome, KDE and windows for switching between applications, allowing you to switch to your most recently used buffers.

Releases can be downloaded here


Map this plugin to the Ctrl+Tab shortcut to provide access to a list of open buffers ordered by recent access time.


close selected bufferDelete
switch to selected buffer and close dialogEnter
close dialogESC
scroll down list of buffersCtrl+Tab
scroll up list of buffersCtrl+Shift+Tab
releasing CTRL switches to selected buffer in listCtrl
switches to selected bufferSpace


The maximum number of visible lines in the pop up dialog can be set in the options pane

Hints and Tips